15 Impressive LG Washing Machine in India

Do you know which LG washing machine in India is the best for you?

Well, clean clothes are a very essential part of your daily life. It does not only needful for good hygiene but also important for a positive attitude.

Since cleaning cloths are not so easy. Therefore, today in this article, we’ll discuss the best LG washing machine in India.

cleaning is a practice not a project.

First thing is first – so, let me tell you the top selling LG washing machines:

15 Best LG Washing Machine in India

Don’t compromise with the quality even though you will have to spend some extra bucks.

Because you are not going to use your washing machine just for a few days or months only. With the long term use, I believe you also expect the washing quality and life of your clothes

Am I right?

Yes, then only go for the best washing machine to fill an important corner of your home/ bathroom.

5 Top Semi-Automatic LG Washing Machine in India

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5 Best Fully-Automatic Front Loading LG Washing Machines in India

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5 Best Fully-Automatic Front Loading LG Washing Machines in India

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Benefits of buying the LG washing machine

Why only LG? – this is a BIG question. Answer is here…

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All right, let me explain some major benefits of LG washing machines.

  • LG is a top-selling and trusted brand in the category of washing machines in India.
  • LG uses a good quality motor with copper windings as a result of high efficiency and low maintenance cost.
  • LG uses high-quality material for better durability.
  • Energy saver with inverter technology.
  • Turbo drum for powerful washing.
  • LG offers good customer service.
  • High resell value.
  • A long term manufacturing warranty that varies from 5 years to 10 years on motors.


Now, you know the power of LG washing machines.

Types of operation of LG washing machine in India

Let’s understand the types of washing machine’s operation. Thus, you will pick the best one from our list according to your need as well as budget.

The washing machine’s operation majorly classifieds into two categories –

  1. Fully automatic
  2. Semi-automatic.

Difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine

A semi-automatic washing machine contains two tubs, one for wash and another for drying your clothes.

Whereas, full automatic only has one tub for both of the tasks.

Moreover, semi-automatic washing machines are entry-level budget machines in which when the washing cycle completed, you have to put all of your cleaned clothes into a drying tub to wash them with the clean water.

Advantages of fully-automatic washing machine over semi-automatic

Fully automatic washing machines are costly but they are always better than semi automatic washing machines by many reasons –

  • A fully automatic washing machine required less space than a semi-automatic washing machine.
  • It requires less energy which means you save electric power.
  • A fully automatic washing machine washes clothes more gently.
  • No manual intervention is needed.
  • Easy to move from one place to another.

Who will buy a semi-automatic washing machine?

With the downsides of the semi-automatic washing machines, some people have to buy this. Because of

  • Affordable price
  • No need continue water flow
  • Requires less water
  • Less time for the washing

Washing machine loading types

There are two types of loading types used in the LG washing machine in India.

  1. Front loading
  2. Top loading

Which is better top load or front load?

Well, front loading washing machines are always better than top loading washers.

Plus, front loading machines are more efficient in terms of water and energy saving.


As we explained all the major factors of washing machines and now you know that all have their pro and cons. So, before buying an LG washing machine in India first you must have to understand your requirement & budget then buy accordingly.

Hence, now your turn…

Please let us know what is your choice among the above-listed LG washing machines?

Plus, what do you think about this post, please share your review in the comment box below.

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